Why Sign Up for This 30-Day Boot Camp?

If you’ve ever felt like you were stuck on a treadmill going a little to fast to nowhere, or that you blinked and suddenly the year was just over…without having made any meaningful progress…or have ever bought a book, signed up for a self-improvement tape program, or subscribed to an e-program in the hopes of getting buttoned up but failed to follow through on your own, your in the right place.

Here’s why this is the one and only boot camp program you’ll need to get yourself buttoned up.

A Clear Roadmap

This 30-day boot camp program was written by Buttoned Up experts and broken out into bite-sized steps that will fit into your busy life. No inventing anything from scratch. Just follow the plan & you’ll be buttoned up.

Daily Emails

In this boot camp, you get the good stuff delivered right to your inbox every day – from the daily task, to links to tools and check-ins.

Cool Downloadable Tools

We’ve created a variety of interactive worksheets and planning materials that are inspiring to look at and as easy as pie to use. Even better, you can download them to your computer & use them again and again.

Real Accountability

Check in or get checked on. By a REAL person. It’s that kind of simple follow-up that will break you free from procrastination’s chokehold and keep you on the optimal path.

Tips & Inspiration

You will have access to dozens of useful articles with road-tested strategies and shortcuts that will help you stay on track – both during and after the boot camp.

Group Interaction

This is not a self-study program; you do not go through this boot camp alone. The ability to interact, with fellow participants and the experts will have a profoundly positive impact on your energy and commitment.

Live Webinars

Get specific information and instruction – and the opportunity to pose your questions or solicit direct feedback from the Buttoned Up experts questions during two live, 60-minute webinars.

Your Life Back

No more in one year, out the other. No more wishful thinking. Just a whole lot of dancing in the end zone. There’s simply nothing that compares with taking control of your life – do and 2013 is sure to be your best year yet.