Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Get Buttoned Up Kickstart Boot Camp?

The Buttoned Up Kickstart Boot Camp is an online course that teaches you how, over the course of one month, to regain control of your life – from your clutter to your cram-packed schedule – in just 30 days. Each day you will receive a specific task directly in your inbox that you should be able to do in less than 20 or 30 minutes. As you complete each task, you can check in and track your progress via the member website. Depending on your participation level, you may also have the active support of the Buttoned Up team to ensure you stay on track, have access to great tips, free checklists & printables, and tools for maintaining your organized status over time, and one-on-one planning and strategy sessions with Sarah.

How do I participate in the Boot Camp? Is it free?

The Get Buttoned Up Boot Camp is a comprehensive course. To access it, Sign Up today. You will be asked for basic contact and payment information.

Why can’t I just download a task list to do this on my own?

Our experience has shown that, when people go through these kinds of programs by themselves, without interacting with a larger group, only a tiny fraction actually follow through with what they intended to do. Accountability, both to the organizational leaders at Buttoned Up and to your fellow participants coupled with a bite-sized task list is the secret ingredient that translates good intentions into to successful outcomes.

What if something unexpected happens and I am unable to complete the challenge in 30 days?

While deadlines are an important factor in helping people overcome procrastination and actually get things done, we understand completely that sometimes the unexpected happens. We make it easy for you to connect with a member of the Buttoned Up team directly to explain your circumstances and, if it makes sense, arrange for an extension.

My chaos is unique to me. How can I be sure this boot camp will address my issues?

When it comes to organizing anything, whether it is a closet, your calendar, or your goals for the year, there are fundamental principles that must be applied to solve the problem. Principles like putting in place a structural backbone, eliminating non-essentials, and arranging items for ease of retrieval. You will be applying those universal organizational principles one small step at a time throughout the 30-day period so that you conquer your personal clutter mess in a way that best suits you.

What if I have problems or questions?

We pride ourselves on our fantastic customer service. We treat you like we want to be treated as customers. Contact us and we’ll work out any question or concern quickly and easily.

What is Get Buttoned Up’s privacy policy?

We hate spam as much as you do – here is our policy on protecting your privacy.

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